May 2018


Dear Parents and Students,  

The end of the year is approaching quickly. We are getting very excited for our annual performance. We realize that it can be a very busy time of year. Attendance is extremely important at this point please do your best to make it to each class from now until the end of the season.

Ticket Day will take place on Sunday, May 6th, from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm. On that day, a maximum of 15 tickets per family. If you would like more than 15 please let us know when purchasing your tickets and your name will be placed on a waiting list in order of your arrival. Tickets are $19.00 each ($21.00 at the door if we do not sell out).  Seats will be chosen on a first come first serve basis. It is recommended that one member or representative for each family attend ticket day. PURCHASED TICKETS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. If for some reason you or someone to represent you cannot purchase tickets on this day, you may leave a check in the tuition box in advance made out to Karrie Stang Mason with the amount of tickets you would like to purchase written in the memo. Your seats will then be chosen for you at the end of Ticket Day and set aside for you.  If you do not attend Ticket Day and we do not hear from you ahead of time you will have until Friday, May 18th to purchase your tickets. After that we will not guarantee more than 2 tickets per family. Each person standing in line is entitled to purchase 15 ticketsper family. You may not purchase tickets for others even if you do not need your maximum tickets. One person from each family needs to stand in line for their tickets. If up front seating is unimportant to you, a later arrival time will mean a shorter wait in line. Shortly before 10:00 am (or upon arrival), you will receive a number in order which you arrived. We will then open the door and you can place your ticket order. During this time, you may choose your seats, order t-shirts (recital shirts with all students’ names listed on the back), submit program messages to your dancer or for your business, and register for summer or fall classes. Also,at this time, please be sure to spell check your child’s name so that it appears correctly on the t-shirts and in the program. Program message forms are enclosed and are encouraged to be returned on or before Ticket Day. We encourage all returning students to register for Fall Classes at Ticket Day or before the end of the season.This will ensure students get enrolled in appropriate classes. Please do not wait until September as many classes will be full. Registration will open to the public after Ticket Day. If you are concerned about schedule conflicts, your child’s class can be changed at a later date if space allows.



CHECK OR CASH ONLY PLEASE.  All checks payable to Karrie Stang MasonSorry, no credit cards for recital tickets.

PLEASE WRITE A SEPERATE CHECK FOR TICKETS.T-shirts/program ads, and registration can be paid with one check.  Please be sure that your tuition is up to date. 

“Picture Day” will take place on Sunday, June 3rd, at the studio.  Specific class times are on the website. During this time group photos as well as individual photos will be taken. Students should know the name of their dance. If there are any questions please email Heather at, or call (978) 671-0400.  Please make sure that all costume tags are removed, proper tights are worn. Jazzy Tan Body Wrappers convertible tights and/or Theatrical Pink Body Wrappers for Ballet classes (unless otherwise specified) and can be purchased at Damien’s Dancewear at Drum Hill in Chelmsford. Other dance stores may carry these items as well. No shimmery tights or nylon stockings please. Costumes must be properly altered, and any shoes are sprayed at least one week prior (if applicable) to allow time for them to dry thoroughly before stepping on the photography backdrop. Please inform your instructor if you will not be attending “Picture Day”. To help us run “Picture Day” more efficiently please have your picture packet forms and checks filled out prior to arriving and arrive five to ten minutes before your scheduled time in full costume and make up. If you are in more than one number and your scheduled times are close together bring your costumes on a hanger to change at the studio. If you have time to go home in between shootings, this is encouraged to eliminate the high volume of traffic at the studio. Your Picture form is enclosed.  All Photography Checks made payable to Peter Noel Photography.



Performance Videos: "Gotta Dance" is pleased to welcome back videographer Katie Shaw Productions. Order forms will be available at Ticket Day, on our website and at the day of the performance for anyone interested in purchasing a DVD. Videotaping and flash photography is PROHIBITED during rehearsal and performances. DVD's are $30 each and can be picked up at Gotta Dance during Open Houses in August or for $35 can be shipped directly to your home.


Rehearsals/Performance: Regular scheduled classes will end on Monday June 18th.

In-house Rehearsals: will take place at “Gotta Dance” at the Brick Kiln location on:

Tuesday, June 19th- Act I:  5:00-7:30 pm (all children may leave after their dance routine is rehearsed),

Wednesday, June 20th - Act II:  6:00-8:30 pm (9:00 pm if needed). Costumes are not worn at this time – students should dress as they would for class and be sure to bring all dance shoes needed.

Dress Rehearsal: WILL TAKE PLACE ON THURSDAY, JUNE 21st, at The Collins Center at Andover High School. All students should arrive dressed in their first costume and full hair and make-up.

Thursday, June 21st - Dress Rehearsal for Act I: 5:00-7:00 pm and Act II: 7:00-10:00 pm.  Awards will take place from 7:00-7:30 pm. Please arrive 15 minutes before start time.

Awards: All Perfect Attendance, 3-year, 5-year, 7-year and 10+ year awards. will be handed out at 7:00 pm during dress rehearsal. If you cannot attend, please come see Karrie or Heather another time to make arrangements receive your award.

Performance:(Collins Center, Andover, MA) Saturday, June 23rd - Performance begins at 2:00 pm (all dancers must arrive by 1:15 pm. Children ages 3 and under may arrive at 1:30 pm). Dancers are not allowed to be seen in their costumes in the auditorium, hallways or front lobby. Costumes should be covered up with a long shirt or robe.

Volunteers are needed to help children in their dressing rooms with costumes and make up. At least one parent per class is recommended. Please add your name to the sign-up sheet located on the bulletin board in the waiting area if interested. Volunteers will not miss their child’s performance and will be able to watch their performance from the side of the auditorium. You will also receive a free recital ticket for a family member.  Please give your name as a volunteer when purchasing your tickets. Make- up Artists, Check-in Hosts and Ushers are also needed. Please specify on sign-up sheet located on the studio bulletin board. Anyone volunteering must be available for dress rehearsal as well as the performance Please give your name as a volunteer on ticket day. We appreciate your help.

Dance Team Auditions: We are currently planning for our 2018/2019 season. We have dance teams for ages 6-9, 9-12, and 13-Teens. We will also have some recreational and affordable competition teams. We have decided to have early auditions to try to establish our teams for next year.  Auditions will take place on Saturday, May 12th from 2:30-4:30 pm at the studio. If anyone has a conflict we will hold a make-up audition on Saturday May 19th at 2:30 by appointment only. Within a few days after the auditions, we will let you know if dancers will be asked to participate on a team and which team we would like to offer them a spot on. All dance team participants must enroll in a ballet class in the fall of 2018. Please let us know if you plan to attend so that we can plan accordingly. Dancers can wear what they would wear to a jazz class and should come about 10 - 15 min early to fill out an audition form and begin to warm up.

BRING A FRIEND WEEK!  Invite a friend to class with you the week of Monday, May 14th – Saturday, May 19th (Acro friends can only observe due to safety issues). 

Gotta Dance will be closed Saturday, May 26th through Monday, May 28th in observation of Memorial Day.

*Please make sure that all tuition, dance team fees, and costume balances are up to date.  Balances must be paid in full for students to perform. Your annual tuition is broken up into equal payments over 10 months (September - June). It is encouraged to pay May and June tuition together.

We are pleased to announce that Miss Kayla gave birth to beautiful baby boy Benjamin on March 9, 2018! Congratulations Miss Kayla! 

Happy Mother's Day!!! 

Thank you, Karrie and the "Gotta Dance" staff 😊