Gotta Dance Dance Teams:

Gotta Dance emphasizes the development of well-rounded dancers.  We offer serious dance students opportunities with our Dance Teams providing dancers with a unique opportunity to perform at different venues throughout the year. Our Dance Teams were developed as a performance team as an alternative to traditional competitive teams.  

Being a Dance Team member is for hard working students who love to dance and perform. They will be challenged with dance routines from all disciplines such as Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet, Lyrical, Musical Theatre and more. They will be a part of our performing groups dancing at various locations throughout the year and representing “Gotta Dance”. Some performances may include parades, nursing homes, schools, demonstrations, outdoor summer shows, fundraiser performances, sports arenas amusement parks, and more. Each Dance Team member is expected to participate in all shows regardless of how small or large the performance may be. All performances are important and your spot on the Dance Team is as well. If students miss rehearsals and/or performances it is very difficult to function as a team just as is would be if you were a part of any sports team. Please note that some performances have age requirements and limited spots which may require separate auditions. Good attitude, effort and commitment to your team will also play a role in which students may be selected for these performances. 

Our Dance Teams are divided into 7 groups according to ages and levels - Crystals, Opals, Garnets, Emeralds, Sapphires, Rubies, and Diamonds. All Dance Team members are required to enroll in at least one ballet class per week in addition to their weekly scheduled Dance Team rehearsal. 

Though our Dance Teams are Jazz and Lyrical based, students will not learn Jazz and Lyrical Technique during Dance Team class. Dance Team class is strictly designed for choreographing and blocking performance routines. Enrollment in Jazz and/or Lyrical class is highly recommended but not required. If you miss more than one ballet class per month you are expected to make it up by attending another class that week. Ballet is your most important class for your dance training.