Competition Team Audition Requirements

"Gotta Dance" will be hold auditions for our Competition Teams in May for the following dance competition season. The following guidelines will help you decide if auditioning for one of our teams is an option and is of interest to you.

-Competition Team is for ages 7-Adult (we currently have a Junior and Senior Competition Team)

-Dancers should have at least 3-5 years of dance training and at least 2 years of Ballet.

-All Competition Team members must enroll in Ballet and Jazz class.

-Competition Team rehearsal will most likely take place on Saturday afternoons . Other rehearsal times may be scheduled as well.

-The Competition season this year will consist of 2-3 competitions and some community performances.

-This year's competition season will run from November through April and will include a signed commitment contract.

-Dance must be your number one priority (other sport conflicts will not be tolerated).

-The team fee for the entire season will be $350 preferably paid at the beginning of the season but can be broken up into tuition payments. This includes all rehearsals from November through April and one competition costume. All competition entry fees, travel expenses, dance shoes/accessories make up etc. will be additional expenses. (competition entry fees are around $30-$50 per routine and will be due 8 weeks prior to competitions). If students are in more than one routine each additional costume will cost between $50 and $70.

-"Gotta Dance" Warm up suits must be purchased as part of your "Team Wear".

-All participants will be asked to execute a clean pirouette turn, chaine' turns, leaps, splits and any other acrobatic tricks that they can do. They must also show exceptional stage presence and facial expressions. Not everyone will make the team. All decisions will be final (please be aware of this before auditioning).

-Competition Dancers and Parents must have a flexible schedule as extra last minute rehearsals may be called.

If this is something that you may be interested please let us know that you plan to audition.