You will receive a schedule about 1 week before each competition (or as soon as I receive it.)

Dance Team Members are to wear required makeup in the way specified. (see Karrie or Katrina for instructions if you are not sure of requirements.)

No nail polish (fingers or toes)

No jewelry (including earrings) unless it is part of your costume.

No panties. Older girls please wear bras, making sure they are completely covered by costume by safety pinning, if necessary) We recommend getting a flesh colored convertible bra that has straps that may be placed in many different places or be strapless, so you don’t have to have several bras to go under several costumes. Or, you can get a bra with clear straps or buy the clear straps separately and replace the existing straps with them.

Bobbi pin all headpieces, even if you think it is not necessary.

Bring emergency supplies like extra tights, needle and thread, clear nail polish for last minute runs and lots of safety pins and bobby pins.

Do not eat or drink in costume. Please cover it up. Many costumes are not washable.

Bring snacks and money for food. There will be souvenirs available for purchase if you wish.

Please be kind and respectful to all other dancers.

Do not enter the audience in your costume. You may change into your warm up suit to watch the competition when you have time in between numbers.

Please refrain from walking in and out of the auditorium in the middle of dance routines and please be quiet and respectful while in the audience.

Call time to arrive at the venue will be 1.5 hours before you perform. You must be fully stretched and dressed, ready to dance 10 numbers before you are scheduled to perform.

Competitions are very different than dance recitals. If your music should cut out (and this does happen) please continue your dance as best you can. Do not react to the situation with any facial expressions.

Call time for awards is 30 minutes before scheduled time. Please make sure that if you leave the venue you have a contact to communicate with. Competitions can run up to 2 hours early or 2 hours late.

Warm up suits should be worn at all times when not in costume. Remember you are representing Gotta Dance the throughout the entire event. Warm up suits must also be worn on stage for awards. All dancers will sit together and one dancer from each group will be in charge of accepting awards. We will give you this information prior to the competition. When asked to stand in place while accepting an award please remember to stand in 5th position with nice posture.

Most of all, HAVE FUN! You all worked hard to be here. "Dance like no one is watching". Don't let your nerves get the best of you. Dance proud. You earned it. The pleasure of dancing in front of an audience is a big reward in itself. Don't ever forget why you dance! It's not for the medal or the score. It's for personal growth and enjoyment.