Comp #1:  Elite Dance Challenge - March 26-28 (Newton, MA)

Entry Fees due by February 1st

Comp #2:  Spirit of Dance Awards - April 16-18 (Manchester, NH)

Entry Fees due by March 1st

Comp #3:  Power of Dance - May 14-16 (Canton, MA)

Entry Fees due by April 1st

NATIONALS:  Elite Dance Challenge - July 14-18 (Hyannis, MA) (All Team Members)

Entry Fees to be announced and will be due by May 1st

We will send out specific competition information as soon as we get it which is typically 7-10 days prior to the competition.  Nationals entry fees will be sent out at a later time.  Please note the dates when the entry fees are due - the entry fees were outlined in the email sent to individual team members for their numbers that will be entered into the competitions.

Crossing fingers for a fantastic season!