Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled time in costume and makeup and with paper work filled out. If you cannot attend, please inform your Instructor.


MAKE WAY FOR DUCKLINGS 9:00-9:15 (Tuesday Creative Dance)


THE NEW ENGLAND AQUARIUM 9:15-9:25 (Friday Creative Dance)


THE NORTH END 9:25-9:35 (Friday Tap/Saturday Tap)


HAVARD SQUARE 9:35-9:45 (Thursday Tap/10+)


EDAVILLE 9:45-10:00 (Saturday Creative Dance)


USS CONSTITUTION 10:00-10:10 (Monday 9-12 Tap)


TOPSFIELD FAIR 10:10-10:20 (Saturday Ballet/Jazz)


LOGAN AIRPORT 10:20-10:30 (Thursday 5-7 Jazz)


TOP OF THE HUB 10:30-10:35 (Monday Teen/Adult Tap)


CAPE COD 10:35-10:45 (Tuesday Ballet)


THE DR. SEUSS MUSEUM 10:45-10:50 (Comp Team)


THE ROSE GARDEN 10:50-11:00 (Wednesday 10+ Contemporary)


SCHRAFFTS CANDY FACTORY 11:00-11:05 (Wednesday Lyrical/Jazz)


FRANKLIN PARK ZOO 11:05-11:15 (Tuesday and Thursday Ballet/Tap)


MUSEUM OF SCIENCE 11:15-11:25 (Friday Hip Hop)


FREEDOM TRAIL 11:30-11:40 (Thursday Lyrical)


STATE HOUSE 11:40-11:50 (Boston Comp Team)


THE BOSTON GLOBE 11:50-11:55 (Tuesday Musical Theater)


CASTLE ISLAND 11:55-12:00 (Seasons Comp Team)


 THE MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS 12:00-12:10 (Monday Ballet)


JOHN HANCOCK BUILDING 12:10-12:15 (A Mirror Sitting Comp Team)


HOUSE OF BLUES 12:15-12:20 (Saying Goodbye Comp Team)


THE TALL SHIPS 12:20-12:30 (Wednesday Ballet)


 T.D. GARDEN (Celtics) 12:30-12:40 (Thursday and Friday Acro/Jazz)


BOSTON TEA PARTY 12:40-12:50 (Monday Creative Dance)


THE BUTTERFLY PLACE 12:50-1:00 (Thursday 7-9 Hip Hop)


BREAK 1:00-1:10


JEANETTE NEILL DANCE STUDIO 1:10-1:20 (Canned Heat Comp Team)


AMERICAN GIRL DOLLS OUTLET 1:20-1:25 (Girls Wanna Have Fun Comp Team)


I-95 1:25-1:35 (Friday Ballet)


FANEUIL HALL 1:35-1:40 (Do Your Thing Comp Team)


WALDEN POND 1:40-1:50 (Tuesday Ballet/Jazz)


ESPLANADE 1:50-2:00 (Friday Lyrical/Jazz)


LOWELL, MA (HOME OF MICKEY WARD) 2:00-2:10 (Fighter Comp Team)


M. I. T. 2:10-2:20 (Thursday 7-9 Jazz)


OLD NORTH CHURCH 2:20-2:30 (Emeralds)


THE GREEN MONSTER 2:30-2:40 (Wednesday Jazz)


SALEM 2:40-2:50 (Sapphires)


THE OPERA HOUSE 2:50-2:55 (Wednesday Hip Hop II)


BOSTON PUBLIC GARDEN 2:55-3:05 (Tuesday Pointe)


SWAN BOATS 3:05-3:15 (Monday Ballet II)


THE STOCK EXCHANGE 3:15-3:25 (Wednesday Contemporary II)


BOSTON BALLET 3:25-3:35 (Saturday Ballet)


6-FLAGS 3:35-3:40 (Garnets)


SYMPHONY HALL 3:40-3:50 (Monday Ballet III)


LEXINGTON BATTLEGREEN 3:50-4:00 (Wednesday 10+ Hip Hop)


OPENING (SHIPPING UP TO BOSTON) 4:00-4:10 (Thursday Lyrical/Jazz, Teachers, & Diamonds)


GILLETTE STADIUM (Patriots) 4:10-4:20 (Tuesday 7-9 Acro)


T.D. GARDEN (Bruins) 4:20-4:25 (Tuesday Teen Acro)


FENWAY (Red Sox) 4:25-4:35 (Tuesday Acro 10+)


FORT DEVENS 4:35-4:45 (Saturday Lyrical)


CHEERS 4:45-4:50 (Thursday Lyrical/Jazz)


OLD NORTH BRIDGE 4:50-4:55 (Tuesday Tap)


DUNKIN DONUTS 4:55-5:00 (Tuesday Teen Musical Theater/Jazz)


THE OBSERVATORY 5:00-5:05 (Wednesday 10-12 Contemporary)


SOLOS: 4:45-5:00 (Nick, Alyssa, Rhea, Hannah, Pimprenelle)


CITGO 5:05-5:10 (Rubies)


NANTUCKET 5:10-5:15 (Celtics)